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Sint Annaplein 18-19

Korvel 40A

Sint-Annaplein 18-19 is de plek waar destijds Vincents kosthuis stond. Op de gevel van het huidige pand is een herdenkingsplaquette geplaatst.

Van Gogh in

Familie Hannik

  1. 3 Sep. 1866 1866
     - 19 Mar. 1868 1868

While studying at the King William II secondary school in Tilburg, Vincent lodged with the Hannik family at Korvel 40A (now Sint Annaplein 18–19). Mr. Hannik and his wife, Adriana, were members of the Dutch Reformed church and therefore deemed suitable landlords. It is likely that Vincent found his lodgings through the Dutch Reformed community or his school. The school’s director, a Mr. Fles, had placed an advertisement in the local periodical Weekblad van Tilburg saying that he sought to mediate “in the placement of Young Gentlemen for board and lodging in a family atmosphere” on behalf of “parents or guardians living elsewhere who desire for their children or pupils to board with residents of Tilburg”.

The Hanniks had a son, Marinus, who was a few years older than Vincent and went to the same school. According to the Tilburg population register, Vincent was the only lodger the Hanniks ever took in, so they did not run a boarding house in the usual sense. Little else is known about his stay with them.

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