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Kazernestraat 112

Kazernestraat still exists, but the house where Weissenbruch lived was demolished soon after his death in 1903.

Van Gogh in

Weissenbruch studio

  1. 1 May 1873
     - 12 May 1873
  2. 27 Nov. 1881 1881
     - 11 Sep. 1883 1883

The artist Jan Hendrik Weissenbruch (1824–1903) had a studio at Kazernestraat 112 in The Hague. It was situated in the house in which he had been born and would live with his sisters throughout his life. Vincent visited Weissenbruch – known as de vrolijke Weiss (a play on “the cheerful tune”) because of his upbeat personality – just before leaving for London in May 1873:

“the recollection of what I saw there in the way of studies and paintings is still very clear, as is that of the man himself.” Read the complete letter

Vincent saw Weissenbruch often and admired him not only for his art but also for his good-natured character. Weissenbruch, in turn, had great faith in Vincent, whom he also visited in his studio.

Weissenbruch spoke enthusiastically about Vincent to Anton Mauve (1838–1888):

“he draws damned well, I’d be able to work from his studies.” Read the complete letter

Emphasising the weight of his approval, Weissenbruch subsequently told Vincent:

“they call me the merciless sword and that I certainly am, and I wouldn’t have said that to Mauve if I’d found nothing good in your studies.” Read the complete letter

The result for Vincent was that he was allowed to visit Weissenbruch when Mauve was too busy to see him. Weissenbruch deemed Vincent’s pen drawings his best work. Vincent wrote to his brother Theo to tell him what Weissenbruch had said:

“Those are your best, he said. And I told him that Tersteeg had criticized them. Take no notice of it, he said, when Mauve said there was a painter in you, Tersteeg said no, and Mauve took your side against Tersteeg, and I was there, and if it happens again, I too will take your side, now that I’ve seen your work.” Read the complete letter

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