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Slijkeinde 31a

Thanks to 20th-century urban renewal, few original buildings remain in this part of The Hague. The buildings where Sien Hoornik and her mother lived no longer exist.

Van Gogh in

Sien Hoornik II

  1. 1 May. 1882
     - 15 Jul. 1882 1882

Sien and her mother, Maria Wilhelmina Hoornik-Pellers (1829–1910), lived at Noordstraat 16 in March and/or April 1882. Because Sien, her daughter and her baby were to move in with Vincent on Schenkweg after the birth, her mother was able to move to a smaller house. That house was at Slijkeinde 31, in the working-class neighbourhood of Kortenbos.

Vincent wrote on 23 May 1882 that Sien and her mother had moved and that he hoped to make a drawing of their new garden. He ultimately made two. On 2 July 1882, Vincent wrote to Theo from Sien’s mother’s house:

“I’m sitting writing to you next to Sien’s mother at a window looking out on a sort of courtyard. I’ve drawn it twice, once large and once smaller.” Read the complete letter

These are the drawings entitled Sien’s Mother’s House.

Made here

Sien's mother house, 1882

Sien's mother house, 1882

Mixed technique on paper, 46 x 59,5 cm

Norton Simon Art Foundation, Pasadena

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