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Hofje van Nieuwkoop – Warmoezierstraat 44-206

The Hofje van Nieuwkoop still exists and is considered one of The Hague’s loveliest hofjes (courtyards surrounded by almshouses). The Pulchri Studio artists’ society still exists but has been housed at Lange Voorhout 15 since 1898.

Van Gogh in

Pulchri Studio

  1. 1 Jan. 1882

In October 1881, Vincent became an associate member of Pulchri Studio with the help of the artist Anton Mauve (1838–1888). Pulchri Studio, an artists’ society in The Hague. The society was founded in 1847 to give its members opportunities to draw from life and to organise and attend art review sessions and exhibitions. Vincent cherished his membership, as it enabled him to meet other local artists and – at least as importantly – to draw from life twice a week. This saved him the expense of hiring a model, which could easily cost 1 or 2 guilders a day; by contrast, he paid 6.25 guilders for a six months membership at Pulchri. It is not certain if any of his drawings actually originated there.

Along with drawing evenings, Vincent attended an art criticism session and a tableau vivant. He was also approached by the artist Bernardus Johannes Blommers (1845–1914), who suggested he give a lecture at Pulchri on the magazine illustrations he actively collected (by artists such as Hubert von Herkomer, Frank Holl and George Dumaurier). The lecture ultimately did not take place, as the society’s board looked down on popular graphic work, which it regarded as something people could simply look at a bar.

Pulchri Studio leased the trustees’ room at the Hofje van Nieuwkoop.

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