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Jan van Lieshoutstraat, Eindhoven

Rozemarijnstraat 253 (district B)

It is not clear whether the house where Willem van de Wakker lived still exists.

Van Gogh in

Van de Wakker

  1. 5 Dec. 1884 1883
     - 24 Nov. 1885

Vincent gave painting lessons to Willem van de Wakker (1859–1927). Van de Wakker was a telegraphist in the Nuenen post office and an amateur painter, and, after seeing his work at Baijens’ art supply store, Vincent wanted to meet him. Van de Wakker lived in Eindhoven, as did Antoon Hermans and Anton Kerssemakers, whom Vincent also taught. He asked them to pay for their lessons in painting supplies. Vincent enjoyed giving painting lessons, as it provided him with company. He therefore considered doing it in Antwerp once he had moved there. Van de Wakker recalled in 1927:

“Vincent was in no sense an easy teacher; he was sarcastic and not ashamed of cursing fearfully if an error was made, or if his pupil had not brought along enough materials.”

Relevant letters from Vincent

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