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Voorstraat C 1602, Scheffersplein

The building that housed Blussé & Van Braam no longer exists. On Scheffersplein, where the shop was located, stands a statue of the painter Ary Scheffer who was greatly admired by Vincent.

Van Gogh in

Blussé & Van Braam

  1. 9 Jan. 1877 1877
     - 2 May 1877

Vincent began working as a shop assistant at the Blussé & Van Braam bookshop in January 1877. He had visited in December to see whether it suited him, and in January, after a trial week, he stayed in Dordrecht. Vincent had gotten the job with the help of his uncle Vincent “Cent” van Gogh.

Blussé & Van Braam sold books, magazines, office supplies, postal cards and prints. As an errand boy, one of Vincent’s tasks was to handle the shipments. He spent most of the rest of his time doing small jobs in the shop. He worked long days, from eight in the morning until late in the evening. In between, he could be found at his desk, translating biblical passages from Dutch to English, German and French. His desire to become a clergyman interfered noticeably with his job in the shop, and his roommate Paulus Coenraad Görlitz aptly proclaimed to Vincent’s parents, “Vincent is no good at his work; his calling lies elsewhere.” Vincent ultimately left Dordrecht for Amsterdam in mid-May to prepare for theology studies, After his employer had found a replacement for him.

Relevant letters from Vincent

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