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Oudemanhuispoort still exists, but the Museum van der Hoop’s collection was transferred in 1885 to the new Rijksmuseum on Stadhouderskade (official address: Museumstraat 1).

Van Gogh in

Museum van der Hoop

  1. 18 may 1877 1877

In March 1877, when he was still living in Dordrecht, Vincent van Gogh went to Amsterdam and visited the Museum van der Hoop with his brother Theo. It housed a famous collection of 17th- and 18th-century art assembled by the banker Adriaan van der Hoop (1778–1854). In September of that year, after moving to Amsterdam, Vincent deemed the Museum van der Hoop – along with the Trippenhuis – a must-see for his English friend Harry Gladwell, who was visiting the Netherlands. Gladwell took Vincent’s advice and went to the museum, but Vincent did not go along, perhaps because he was unable or unwilling to pay admission. The museum cost 10 cents on Sundays, 25 cents on Mondays, and 50 cents on other weekdays.

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