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The Eilandskerk was demolished in 1950. The Bickersgracht canal and the islands around it are worth visiting for their ability to conjure an atmosphere of old Amsterdam.

Van Gogh in


  1. 22 Jul. 1877 1877
  2. 5 Aug. 1877 1877
  3. 9 Dec. 1877 1877

On 22 July 1877, Vincent van Gogh went to the Eilandskerk to hear his Uncle Stricker preach. He had already attended a 7 a.m. service at the Noorderkerk and then strollled around Bickerseiland, as he often liked to do. He made many subsequent visits to the Eilandskerk and wrote to his brother Theo in detail about a service he had attended on Sunday 5 August 1877. The church was very busy that day, and the small square outside was full of carriages. The sermon was delivered by the well-known preacher and poet Jan Jacob Lodewijk ten Kate (1819–1889), and in spite of its length, the time seemed to fly by. The minister’s voice and the expressions he used reminded Vincent of his father.

Relevant letters from Vincent

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