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Place de la République

The museum was housed in the Église Sainte-Anne on Place de la République, which still exists and can be visited. Its collection was moved to the Musée Départemental Arles Antiques (Avenue 1ere division France libre) in 1996.

Van Gogh in

Musée Lapidaire

  1. 21 Feb. 1888 1888
     - 24 Feb. 1888 1888

In his first week in Arles, Vincent visited the Musée Lapidaire, a museum of antiquities. According to a nineteenth-century travel guide, it was known for its collection of ancient Christian marble sarcophagi from the Alyscamps.

After mentioning his visit in a letter, Vincent did not refer to the museum again.

Relevant letters from Vincent

  1. No relevant letters found so far.

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