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Cromwell Road

The South Kensington Museum is today known as the Victoria and Albert Museum and remains open to the public.

Van Gogh in

South Kensington Museum

  1. 19 May 1873
     - 26 Sep 1874 1874
  2. 1 Jan. 1881 1875
     - 15 May 1875

During his time in London, Vincent certainly visited the South Kensington Museum (known since 1899 as the Victoria and Albert Museum). The South Kensington Museum was founded in 1852 after the success of the Great Exhibition in 1851 and aimed to make art accessible for everyone. It mainly exhibited applied and decorative art but also fine art such as paintings, prints and drawings. On 4 August 1884, in a letter, Vincent recommanded his brother Theo, who was then staying in London, to visit the museum and view The Valley Farm by John Constable (1776–1837). Theo could not have seen the painting in there in 1884, however, as the painting was on view there only until 1876.

Seen here

John Constable, The valley farm, 1835

John Constable, The valley farm, 1835

Oil on canvas, 147,3 x 125,1 cm

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