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Ivy Cottage, 395 Kennington Road

The house no longer exists.

Van Gogh in

Kosthuis Parker

  1. 11 Aug 1874 1874
     - 25 Oct 1874 1874
  2. 1 Jan 1875
     - 15 May 1875

Vincent van Gogh’s sister Anna also came to London in July 1874; they lived together at the Loyers’ boarding house. Vincent was delighted by Anna’s move:

“I’d like so much to get to know her better than I do, for in the last few years we’ve actually seen very little of each other, and we only half know each other.” Read the complete letter

Soon after Anna’s arrival, they moved into John Parker and his wife’s boarding house at 395 Kennington Road: a house completely covered in ivy. Together they walked a lot. Anna lived with Vincent with the Parkers for only two weeks, as she then found a job in Welwyn, to which she moved. Vincent, in turn, was temporarily transferred to Goupil & Cie in Paris. On his return to London in January 1875, he moved back in with the Parkers on Kennington Road. Anna sometimes came to visit but complained about Vincent’s mood. In April 1875, Mr and Mrs Parker’s thirteen-year-old daughter died of pneumonia. On the same day, Vincent made a sketch of Streatham Common.

Because little correspondence from the period has been preserved, not much more is known about Vincent’s stay at John Parker’s pension. Vincent moved to Paris in May 1875 after being transferred to Goupil & Cie’s branch there.

Relevant letters from Vincent

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