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25 Bedford Street

It is unknown whether the current building at 25 Bedford Street is the one that housed Goupil & Cie II. If you have more information about its current status, please let us know using the comments form at the bottom of this page.

Van Gogh in

Goupil & Cie II

  1. 1 Jan. 1881 1875
     - 15 May 1875

Download walk Old map Since May 1874, Vincent van Gogh had worked in London for the art dealers Goupil & Cie, whose address was in Southampton Street. In January 1875, Goupil took over the London art dealers Holloway & Sons at 25 Bedford Street. Two months later, Vincent wrote to his brother Theo:

“Our gallery is now finished and it’s beautiful, we have many beautiful things at the moment: Jules Dupré, Michel, Daubigny, Maris, Israëls, Mauve, Bisschop, &c.” Read the complete letter

The acquisition transformed Goupil’s London branch from a warehouse for reproductions into an art gallery with a showroom. With Vincent’s experience from art dealerships in The Hague and Paris, one might expect him to play a role here. However, this was not the case. In May 1875, he was replaced and transferred from London to Goupil’s Paris branch.

In 1876, when Vincent was living in Isleworth, he went to London sometimes and occasionally visited his former workplace. There, he viewed works that had been sent over from the Netherlands. On seeing the characteristically Dutch landscapes, Vincent remarked that it was a pleasure to see “Holland’s cities and meadows” again.

The Goupil Gallery did business in Bedford Street until 1883, when it moved to 116 and 117 New Bond Street. It continued to trade there until its closure in 1893.

Relevant letters from Vincent

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