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Great Russell Street

The British Museum still exists and is open to the public.

Van Gogh in

British Museum

  1. 28 Aug 1874 1874

The visitors’ book at the British Museum shows that Vincent visited the Prints and Drawings Department on Friday 28 August 1874. Three years later in Amsterdam, he recalled a drawing he had seen there, Christ conversing with Martha and Mary. At the time, the work was believed to be a Rembrandt (1606/7–1669). Today it is attributed to an artist within the circle of the artist. Vincent wrote to his brother Theo about the work:

“In that room twilight dominates, the figure of the Lord, noble and impressive, stands out gravely against the window through which the evening twilight falls.” Read the complete letter

Vincent greatly admired the drawing not only because of its quality but also for its Christian message.

Seen here

School/circle of Rembrandt. Christ conversing with Martha and Mary, c. 1652

School/circle of Rembrandt. Christ conversing with Martha and Mary, c. 1652

Pen and brown ink on paper, 18,4 x 26,1 cm

British Museum, Londen

    Relevant letters from Vincent

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