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Hoek Kew Road en Evelyn Road

Evelyn Road still exists, but the church no longer does.

Van Gogh in

Methodist Church

  1. 24 Jun 1876
     - 20 Dec 1876 1876

When Vincent lived in Isleworth, he attended the Monday evening prayer at the Wesleyan Methodist church. On 29 October 1876, he delivered his first sermon there and hoped to give many more. He wrote enthusiastically to his brother Theo:

“When I stood in the pulpit I felt like someone emerging from a dark, underground vault into the friendly daylight, and it’s a wonderful thought that from now on, wherever I go, I’ll be preaching the gospel.” Read the complete letter

Vincent preached on the theme of “A Pilgrimage through Life”. The entire sermon can be read in his letter to Theo of 3 November 1876.

Relevant letters from Vincent

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