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St-Andriesstraat 5

The cathedral still exists and is open to the public.

Van Gogh in


  1. 2 Jan. 1886 1886

One of the churches Vincent visited in Antwerp was St. Andrew’s. He went there because his brother Theo had asked him whether he had seen The Crucifixion (Golgotha) by Frans Francken II (1581–1642), a painting located inside. While the work appealed to Vincent, he wrote:

“I imagine, though, that I can do it like that too, and the painting didn’t tell me anything new.” Read the complete letter

Vincent was more impressed by a stained-glass window depicting Mary as Star of the Sea, which he called “superb” and “very, very curious”. In this church, Vincent also saw the painting The descent from the Cross, which he took for a seventeenth-century piece but which turned out to be the work of his own academy director, Charles Verlat.

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Frank Francken II, The crucifixion (Golgotha), ca. 1603

Frank Francken II, The crucifixion (Golgotha), ca. 1603

Sint-Andrieskerk, Antwerpen

Anonymous, Replica of the Stella Maris leaded-glass-window

Anonymous, Replica of the Stella Maris leaded-glass-window

Sint-Andrewchurch, Antwerpen

    Relevant letters from Vincent

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